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The Atlantic Forest is the ecosystem within which the wonderful Iguazu Falls are located.

It is the beautiful and widely diverse natural environment that we recognize when we visit the city of Iguazu or any area in the north of the Province of Misiones in the Argentine Republic.

The Biocenter was created with the purpose of spreading the existence and the main characteristics of the Atlantic Forest.

We invite you to visit us to make contact with this unique environment in the world, with some of the most characteristic species of its flora and fauna and to join us in the task of its conservation.

We propose you to share an experiential and educational experience of discovery and contact with the unique Atlantic Forest in the City of Puerto Iguaz├║ and to join us in the adoption of sustainable habits and behaviors that allow to conserve all this natural wealth.

Animal on the water - Iguazu Falls

The Atlantic Rainforest The Atlantic Rainforest is one of the most threatened and most biodiverse ecosystems in the world, of which only 7% of its original surface is conserved.

Its high biological value for humanity comes from the high degree of endemism of its species, since most of its trees, bromeliads, primates and amphibians are only found in this ecosystem. In the Province of Misiones is the largest continuous remnant of the Atlantic Forest, the only habitat that is conserved for very threatened species such as the yaguaret├ę, the tapir and the harpy eagle.

A plant in a garden - Bromeliads

Bromeliads and Orchids of the Atlantic Forest In our Bromeliary and Orquideario, unique for its variety and size in Argentina, you can make contact with these plants so characteristic and characteristic of the Atlantic Forest.

Bromeliads and Orchids give the Jungle charm, beauty and vital space for the development of biodiversity.

A close up of a bird - Monarch butterfly

Atlantic Jungle Butterflies In the Atlantic Jungle it is estimated that there are between 700 and 800 different species of butterflies. Many of them of colorful colors and of great variety in their sizes.

In our butterfly garden, unique in the entire province of Misiones because of the variety of butterflies it houses and the size and equipment of its laboratory, several of these native species live and reproduce under protected conditions, which are then delivered to the jungle to enrich the ecosystem.

A close up of a turtle - Box turtles

Reptiles and Snakes of the Atlantic Forest In our Serpentarium, you can observe reptiles and snakes native to the Atlantic Forest.

You will have the opportunity to meet poisonous snakes through several specimens of Coral, Yaará and Cascabel; and snakes that, without being poisonous, impact on their beauty.

You will also find the Yacar├ę Overo, different species of Turtles and Lizards and Lizards. In this space, there is also the set of exotic species that are on guard at the request of Dr. Alejandro Vogt. Among them are the Pythons and Lampalaguas, all famous for being constrictors; and an Alligator crocodile.

A close up of food - Cheese bun

Flavors of the Atlantic Forest To end this wonderful and unforgettable tour of the Atlantic Forest, we invite you to taste in our restaurant some of the delicacies offered by the cuisine of our region, rich in flavors and colors of the Jungle.

Our dishes and juices In our restaurant you can enjoy a good Paraguayan soup, an exquisite Guazú Chipá, an exotic mbeyú or the most widespread Chipá. You can also get to know and taste our juices of mburucuyá, pineapple, acerola or mango, or our delicious sweets of mamón.

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  • Schedules
Todos los d├şas de 9:00 a 18:00.
  • Duration
40 minutes approximately.

Location Biocentro Iguaz├║

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