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Description of the ride:

From Garganta del Diablo station and by rowing rafts, we offer you a silent, relaxed and very illustrative sailing experience across the islands of the Upper Iguazu River.

Along this 2.5 km descent you can connect with the rich flora and fauna that distinguishes this riverside environment. Expert locals will put their trained eye at your service to discover the secrets of the jungle beyond the catwalks.

This peaceful walk ends at the Tres Mar├şas port. From there, walking, you can return to the Cataratas Station, beginning of the traditional circuits or return route to the Central Station.

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  • Schedules
Everyday. Departures from Garganta del Diablo station from 09:30.
  • Duration
About 30 minutes
  • Attention!
This walk does not present any restriction as to the physical condition of those who perform it.

Location Paseo Ecol├│gico - Cataratas Iguaz├║

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