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Description of the ride:

In Iguazú, the city of the Falls, an attractive tourist walk that invites you to navigate the rivers of the Three Borders and enjoy a unique experience.

The Victoria Austral is a large and safe catamaran for 300 passengers that offers river rides every day with live music show from its lounge with panoramic views.

Also gastronomy, toilets, air-conditioned environment, large side decks and terrace, to comfortably appreciate the jungle landscape.

The Victoria Austral Catamaran has the authorization of the Argentine Naval Prefecture for day and night navigation up to 300 passengers. It has toilets and confectionery room with total panoramic view to the outside, in air-conditioned environment. Also large upper terrace and outer sides covered on both sides. Helmet built entirely in naval steel, 33 m long and 9 m wide; with 2 Volvo Penta 500 dual circuit motors and powerful electric generators. Gastronomy service, drinks bar and kitchen. Bow stage with lighting and sound. For all types of public and complete security and communications equipment on board.


The tour begins at the local Port, sailing towards the Three Borders, where the Iguazu River flows into the immense Paraná River. After staying there to visualize the Milestones of the three countries: Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay, we sail upstream passing under the Tancredo Neves International Bridge to continue towards the Iryapu Jungle shore and reach the height of “El Santuario”, limit from the Iguazú National Park, about 12 km from the Falls.
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  • Schedules
Everyday. During the afternoon: pre-boarding: 16:30, departure 17:00
Every day, with advance booking. Pre-shipment 17:00, Departure 17:30, Arrival 19:15.
During each full moon, the night before and after, we offer a special outing to enjoy sailing the shore of the jungle, under the full moon. Pre-boarding 8:00 pm, arrival 10:00 pm.
We have facilities, personnel, artists and DJs, etc. trained to carry out corporate events, private parties, business meetings and events on board according to your expectations.
  • Duration
1 hour 45 minutes.

Location Catamarán Cruceros Iguazú

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