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La Aripuca Puerto Iguazú Puerto Iguazú - Argentina

La Aripuca Puerto Iguazú

Puerto Iguazú - Argentina

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Description of the ride:

We are building our own trap …Let’s do something now and avoid being prey to our actions.
La Aripuca is a family Agro-Eco-Tourist enterprise built with the purpose of:
 Raise awareness about the natural resources we have and their importance
 Encourage actions to preserve and promote environmental care
 Disseminate the culture, beliefs and traditions of the region
Built with rescued trees. Inspired by a typical trap of the Guaraní peoples, “ La Aripuca ” is imposed with its 17 meters high and
more than 500,000 kg of weight distributed in 30 native species of the Missionary Forest, many of them centuries-old specimens, grouped together for
show us WHAT WE ARE LOSING and how, from disinterest and lack of concern for the care of our environment, we will be
Victims of our own trap.
Upon entering the monument you can see each of the trunks, learning from direct contact, a little more about the Missionary Forest and its
Main protagonists

The original trap, widely used even today by the Guarani peoples, is composed of small twigs joined in the form of a pyramid connected to a very simple but effective mechanism, where when entering the dam to the trap and stepping on one of the twigs of the mechanism, It closes catching the animal. The most unique feature of this trap and means of capture is that the dam does not suffer any type of damage when captured, and most importantly, it allows the captor to release it if it considers that it is not adequate (it is very small, it is a dam that is pregnant or not suitable for consumption). Given this, La Aripuca was built, trying to explain that we are walking towards the trap, but there is still a chance to survive.
Although the logs used correspond to protected species and in some cases endangered due to clearing and indiscriminate logging, NONE of trees used in construction   It was cut for this purpose. Many of the trees were bought in sawmills where they were about to become planks and disappear, along with their history, in furniture and other applications. Others recovered from farms where they had been knocked down by storms or were dead standing by the action of lightning or because they had already completed their life cycle. In this way, we try to transform a total or partial destruction of that tree into a tool to create awareness
  • Itacurubí stone (also known as tacurú) is found in the north, center and south of the province of Misiones with greater abundance, always in low areas or waterlogged (bathed) lands, 60 or 80 cm from the surface. In that environment it is in a pasty state; once it is extracted, it can be molded at its discretion and by remaining in contact with oxygen, after several days, it hardens. Some emerge naturally so they are very hard. This material has been used in large part of the front of this building and for this reason we call it Tacurú. It is also called tacuré to the nest of termites of earth that are to the south of the province of Misiones and part of Corrientes. It is made by termite ants to protect themselves from floods. It is hard and strong due to its high concentration of processed iron and separated by its inhabitants, almost indestructible and very populous. This building is built with approx. 500 tons of different kinds of stones from the province of Misiones, where with an ingenious architecture you can see rocks such as Black Basalt, Red Basalt, Opo de Sapo, Itacurubí, Oxidized Basalt, Red Jasper, Sandstone, Boulder and Amethyst inlays . The tacuru ;, a handicraft sales hall from different places of the Argentine Republic, such as articles made of wool, leather, tientos, antlers, bones, alpaca, silver, stones, among other materials. We also find unique crafts in precious stones of our province such as quartz, agates, jasper, amethyst, etc. We have creations in onyx, stone from San Luis, and there could be a lack of pieces in Rhodochrosite, our National stone, from Catamarca and set in silver with exclusive designs made by artisans from the province. Our unique cedar roots furniture, rescued from the old clearings, and dining room sets, give a great distinction to the living room in a large space where you can see other rustic designs to decorate the home.
  • Yateí is a little stingless little bee, native to South America that still lives in the missionary jungle. Its honey is highly valued, for popular and guaranitic medicine, due to its innumerable beneficial properties for health. This place is a part of the route in which tourists, in addition to knowing products made in the province of Misiones, can also appreciate inside and outside the typical architecture of a house of settlers in the area. As particular characteristics stand out, the gable roof, gallery in front and the distance they maintain from the ground to isolate it from moisture, insects and other animals such as snakes and mice. Within this replica of rural housing you will find missionary products, mostly from small producers and local artisans. From our rural wealth you will find mate, wood and flower candies, regional spirits, wild honey, cassava flour alfajores, wood candies and buffalo milk candy, you enter many other products. As for handicrafts, you can see all those made with raw materials from the region such as palm leaves, reclaimed wood, vines or seeds.
  • In this nice space built with Ibirá Pitá hollows and thatched roof, they offer you a snack so that your experience travels to the last of your senses. Here you can sit and taste the unique and exquisite yerba mate ice cream and Rosella flower petals. In addition to juices and natural smoothies made at the time or the innovative instant mate (soluble) cold or hot with chips or homemade bread sandwiches as freshly made

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Everyday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.
10 minutes with guide.
60 minutes total tour.

Location La Aripuca Puerto Iguazú

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linha-titulo - Waterloo Travel - Agência de Transporte Evento e Turismo em Foz do Iguaçu, Passeios em Foz do Iguaçu, Hotéis em Foz do Iguaçu, Hoteles en Foz do Iguaçu, Hoteles en Puerto Iguazú, Hospedagem em Foz do Iguaçu, Agencia de Turismo en Foz do Iguaçu, Agencia de Turismo en Puerto Iguazú, Paseos en Foz do Iguaçu, Paseos en Puerto Iguaçu
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