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The G├╝ir├íOga wildlife refuge (“the house of birds” in Guaran├ş language) was born based on the need to have an establishment that is located in the same missionary jungle and will work with the native fauna of the place.

It was founded on August 23, 1997 by Jorge Anfuso and Silvia Elsegood, naturalists and specialists in the rehabilitation of raptors, current directors of the refuge.

The 19-hectare site on which G├╝ir├íOga is located has the category of Protected Landscape and is called “Andr├ęs Giai”, in homage to the renowned naturalist (Provincial Law No. 3,468). G├╝ir├íOga is surrounded by protected natural areas such as the Iguaz├║ National Park in the southern limit, the Peninsula Provincial Park and other protected areas in the missionary north, where today the greatest biodiversity of wildlife is concentrated.

Due to its location, GúiráOga can give a quick response to the authorities when it comes to rescue animals and have the opportunity to recover successfully.

The construction of the facilities was carried out avoiding the deterioration of the jungle, so that the refuge is covered by a centennial vegetation cover, where up to 40 different species of trees have been identified, measuring some up to 30 meters.

Fundamental area in GüiráOga, where animals are checked when they arrive, their health status is assessed and the necessary measures are taken to guarantee their recovery.
Area away from other facilities where animals are observed for review, analysis and sampling. Veterinarians ensure the good health of the animals, before the next step.
It is the heart of the shelter, in which the food of all animals is prepared.
In these enclosures the animals recover permanently, sharing installation with other individuals of their species. The behavior of the animals allows to determine if they are ready to return to freedom.
Newborn animals are treated exclusively in a separate sector. There the growth is accompanied until the little ones are out of danger.
Thanks to the maintenance workshop and the inventiveness and skill of its staff, it is achieved with few resources to carry out the works necessary for the proper functioning of the center. Maintenance activities are carried out every day to continue designing, building and improving; always appealing to the value of the craft.
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  • Schedules
Open every day of the year from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (last visit at 4:45 p.m.. Check out schedule with guides in English).
  • Duration
1 hour and 30 minutes approximately.
  • Info
Keep in mind that the visit is done outdoors, so we recommend comfortable shoes and clothes.

Ubicación Refuge - GüiráOga

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