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Colonia Wanda or simply Wanda, this city was founded in 1934 by a group of pioneers, mostly Polish. The name Wanda has several versions that explain its origin. The best known refers to a Polish princess famous for her kindness and beauty who lived in the city of Krakow, who sacrificed herself for her country, throwing herself into the Vistula River so as not to marry the crown prince to the German throne. Another widely accepted version says that he refers to the name of the daughter of Marshal Pilsudski of the Polish army (a Polish hero)

Misiones sits on the Brasilia Massif, eleven castings that constitute one of the largest basalts in the world, formed 150 million years ago. From the core of the earth the lava came out, in different strains and when cooled, the gas balloons that were imprisoned formed the basic rock, basalt, which in turn originates the semi precious stones. Misal Basalt has 93 percent iron oxide, hence the color of the red earth.
There are two types of basalt: the one formed by small holes, called tonsilloids, and the vesicular basalt, characterized by its large cavities (the rock with holes). Silica – a chemical component of quartz -, pure or with different oxides, penetrates the mother rock. Quartz – chemically it is silica – is the mineral that belongs to the group of precious stones.
It is communicated to the rest of the country by National Route No. 12, which communicates with Puerto Iguazú, Posadas and Buenos Aires. Also in Wanda has its origin the provincial route No. 19, the only access road for the town of Andresito and the international bridge that connects the latter with Capanema, in Brazil. The main economic activity is afforestation, about half of the municipality’s land is covered by reforested forest stands. The cultivation of yerba mate and tourism are also important thanks to the exploitation of underground or open sky ivy.
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Everyday from 08:00 to 20:30.
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40 minutes approximately.

Location Minas de Wanda

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